Larissa teaches full-time at the Oxbow School in Napa, CA. Their work as an educator is an integral part of their work as an artist. They have taught and co-taught classes on social practice and participatory art, contemporary non-fiction, creative writing, critical theory, sculpture, and film and video. 

Participation as Artistic Practice 

Co-taught with Mo Elgazzar & Alex Keilty 


Participation as Artistic Practice studies the history of participatory art and social practice. This course utilizes key texts Artificial Hells by Claire Bishop and The One and the Many by Grant Kester. The course concludes with students creating participatory artworks. 

Virginia M. 2020

Zivi H., Melina H., Nick S., and Anastasia K. 2020

Artemisio C.R., Amadi W., and Cal W. 2020

Finley P. and Kate H. 2020

Amaya T. and Rey S. 2020 

530 Literary Magazine 


530 is a biannual journal publication that integrates writing and art produced at The Oxbow School. The project elects a student editor-in-chief each semester.  

Lua C. 2019

Clementine W. 2019

Izzy R.D. 2019

Beza L. 2019

Kaylin B. 2019

Gabby L. 2019

Ada H. 2020

Artemisio R.C. 2020

Blaze M. 2019