The Princess of Sex-Ed 2020 (Upcoming)

The Princess of Sex-Ed is a series of participatory performances planned for early Summer 2020. Due to the lack of queer sex-ed in the U.S. public school system, The Princess of Sex-Ed will be traveling throughout California and setting up free resources outside of big-box stores. Borrowing from religious solicitation and activist strategies, The Princess of Sex-Ed will utilize the performance of white, feminine tropes to provide information accessibly. Stay tuned for dates near you!


Dance, Dance, Dance! 2020 (Current) 

Dance, Dance, Dance! invites people to dance together through the online platform, Zoom, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Let's Talk About Love! 2018 (Ongoing)

Let’s Talk About Love! is a conversation-based performance, that talks about, you guessed it - LOVE. Engaging directly with others, this work buds up against adolescence, feeling, and self-reflection. Set in a faux talk-show style, Let’s Talk About Love! explores the limits or limitlessness of empathy. Special guest includes the magical princess, Lily Lewinter.

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Grand Prix 2016 

In collaboration with Chris Blue 

The performative event, Grand Prix, introduces compassion in order to expatiate language, sex, sport, and the twisted workings of the educational system.

Grand Prix is a means of reparation through actions of resistance and harmony. A classical era Symposium setting is reactivated within the discursive performance. Using Aristophanes speech on love, subjects raised by the playboy philosophy, and a letter by James Baldwin to his nephew, a meditation is formed through shared language. Through tests of physical endurance, acts of ritualized baptism, and modes of replenishment, Grand Prix proposes ante-normative communication and challenges current hierarchical power systems of language and knowledge. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Lifeguard 2015 

Lifeguard is a series of live performances performed on rooftops in New York City. It uses the trope of the lifeguard to address topics of whiteness and power. 


The Runaway Bunny 2014 

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Maypole 2014

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