T.V. Girl  2020

multi-channel video series 

T.V. Girl is a series based on a fantasy love story between a girl and her T.V. as a portal to Mother Earth. This work looks at isolation, reflection, representation, the impacts of media, non-verbal communication, and community.  

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I Like Tanning 2020

from the Failed Series 

single-channel video 3:45

I Like Tanning explores the history of white people tanning. This work highlights the tanning culture of U.S. children’s beauty pageants, the exoticization of tanning commercials and advertisement, and rituals of skin cleansing in home-made barbie commercials. 

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My Failed Heterosexuality 2019

from the Failed Series 

single-channel video 5:28

My Failed Heterosexuality is part of a larger, in-progress body of work that questions how media representation and imagery impact the construction of personal identity. In My Failed Heterosexuality, Barbies are used as a device to critically analyze the influence of capitalism on developing female identities. Using found youtube videos, commercials, and personal emails, this work takes a diaristic and documentary approach of what it means to “fail” at being a straight girl.

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I'll Jump! 2019

two-channel video 2:05

I’ll Jump is an in-progress video diptych that studies the portrayal of white womanhood in Birth of a Nation and Walt Disney’s Snow White. This work is an ongoing study on the sociological impact cinema has on culture and the relationship between fear, darkness, and the racial imaginary.

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I Love You, JonBenet 2018 

four-channel video 3:34 

I Love You, JonBenet studies the sensationalization of murders committed on young white, female girls in media. 


Acid Rock 2017 

single-channel video 23:32

Acid Rock is a surrealist, narrative-based, video work that studies community and histories of cults. This work enacts early European rituals and initiation ceremonies to draw attention to how communities are formed through systems of power. Acid Rock pulls from the visualizations produced in The Phaedrus written by Plato around 370 BC. In this work, Plato accounts for a homo-erotic speech about love performed by Lysias. The speech introduced the infamous imagery of The Chariot, which is composed of a black and white horse to represent the soul. This work also studies the ways in which Ancient-Greco Roman myth presents itself in the contemporary T.V. show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  

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Trophy Parent 2016

single-channel video 5:10

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Haze Her! 2016

single-channel video 13:30 

Haze Her! is a durational video piece that studies hazing rituals as a device to form hierarchical communities. Furthermore, it looks at the ways in which these ceremonies are fetishized through pornography created for the male gaze. 

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On Education 2015

single-channel video 22:59 

On Education is a four-part video series exploring power dynamics in the educational system. This work pulls from the text Emile, or On Education published by the French philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1762. This video series primarily focuses on the narrative written in Book Third, The Juggler. 

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Barbershop 2014

single-channel video 11:57